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Horse Adoption

The following horses are available for adoption:


All horses are located in Southwestern Ontario in the London area.
To adopt a horse, please fill out an adoption application. From there, an inspection of your farm will be conducted and you will be invited to meet the horse you’re interested in. An adoption fee of $200-$700 typically applies when adopting large animals.

When a horse is adopted it will no longer be listed on our page.


For more information on any of the horses below, please contact Ontario SPCA Agent Smith at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



 horse a   

This young paint gelding horse is around 3.5 years old. He had a rough start and doesn’t know much about life outside a stall. He has learned to trust humans. He appears to have no training but is sound and would make someone very happy. He’s eagar to learn and has an in your pocket personality once he gets to know you (or knows you have treats)!    


 horse b

This senior quaterhorse gelding has been there and done that but is enjoying retirement on the foster farm. Though he has gained significant weight in our care, he is still in need of a few pounds. He’s a lovely boy and has stolen the hearts of all his friends on the foster farm. He’s a great companion looking to live out his retirement somewhere calm and safe. 



horse c 

This paint mare is enjoying her life at the foster farm. She is calm but doesn’t appear to have much training. She leads well and is halter broke. She has an old injury on her side. She does well with other horses and is currently housed with one other mare. We figure she is around the age of a late teenage.
horse d  This is a draft cross mare aged somewhere in her mid twenties. She is black and white and is very calm and quiet. It is unsure whether she has been broke to ride. When she came into our care she was slightly sore on the hind left but is doing much better. She can walk and trot on a lunge line suggesting she has had some training though that is not guaranteed. She is enjoying her time as a companion horse but might be suitable for light riding.
horse e  This miniature horse gelding is around 4-5 years old and is full of energy. He was only recently gelded. He is enjoying his time having an entire paddock to run free in. He’s got an in your pocket personality and will make someone a lovely companion with the right training. 
Two sorrel and white miniature mares. This mare and foal pair is looking for a home together. They are a bit larger than the rest of the miniatures in our care and full of energy. They tend to pick on other animals in the herd and protect each other. Due to these two being white special care and special protection from the sun will be required. It is believed this pair are young.
tb web 'Beau’ is a dark bay thoroughbred gelding with a white star on his forehead.  He is still in the process of gaining weight and therefore is not quite ready for adoption. He was reported to be low on the pecking order in his herd. He can be a bit pushing on the ground when being served his dinner, he’s hungry! He’s always right over to the gate to see whoever is coming to visit him (especially if you have carrots!!). Unfortunately Beau is a cribber. His teeth are quite worn and he will always require a bit extra. He is not an easy keeper, but he’s very lovable. We don’t have any training history on this boy as his tattoo is worn. Being a thoroughbred he is likely broke to ride however he was extremely weak when he came into our care. He is being adopted as a companion only at this time.
'Hairy' is a black miniature gelding no younger than 6 years old and likely not older than 10 years old. He got his name from a little boy at the foster farm who spends a lot of time with him. Hairy was only recently gelded but was quite polite even as a stallion. He will make a great little friend for someone.
'Donkey' is a mature... well.. donkey. He is currently in a beautiful paddock on the foster farm and was recently gelded. The farrier was quite impressed with how polite 'Donkey' is for a donkey. He has been an absolute sweetheart, can be a little stubborn at times but leads well. We are looking for a forever home for Donkey with someone who knows how to care for donkey's. He's enjoying his time and space at the foster farm but would love to find his forever family soon!
redmare2 ’Red’ is a sorrel mare with a large white spot on her face and a white snip as well as two white socks. Her right eye is blue. This mare keeps to herself in the paddock. It would be very beneficial to have her adopted with the other sorrel miniature mare but is not required as long as she has a companion in her forever home. This mare was slightly sore on the hind end when she came into our care but appears to be doing fine after a hoof trim. She is a bit shy but is not difficult to handle and can be quite curious.
 horse f and g

Two mini mares, one sorrel and one black. Both were showing signs of heaves but have almost completely recovered in the dust free barn with good quality hay. Very lovely little girls.


The sorrel appears to have had a serious injury on her hind left in the past. It has healed and the veterinarian does not think it is causing distress at this time. She still runs and plays in the field with her friends.



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